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Ps Djumy Septembre           Martha Chery
Founder & CEO, CARHA         Head of Communications, Creative & Digital, CARHA

Urgent Call to Action: Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti through CARHA

Port Saint Lucie, FL – May 6 , 2024,  As Haiti faces a devastating humanitarian crisis, CARHA (Christian Action & Relief for HAiti) issues an urgent call to action for organizations and individuals worldwide to come together and support relief efforts.

Even though CARHA is based in the north, and doesn't call the capital of Port-au-Prince home, targeted attacks on key infrastructure, including airport and prisons, have overwhelmed government forces and impacted the entire country socioeconomically –leaving the people of Haiti to fend for themselves with insecurity in full swing.

CARHA, a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to aiding communities in Haiti, is deeply concerned about the unfolding political instability and economic challenges that have compounded the suffering of millions of Haitians, leaving them in urgent need of assistance.

We can report that inside our walls, we are safe and doing what we always do: provide a sense of normalcy and fellowship for our 36 future leaders and staff. There have been ongoing school shutdowns in our area because of financial strains across the country but, by God’s grace, our schools haven’t been affected.

In response to this situation, CARHA urges organizations and individuals to contribute to relief efforts in Haiti in the following ways:
1. Provide Essential Supplies
CARHA has organized supply drives to collect essential items such as food, water, medical supplies, hygiene kits, and shelter materials. These supplies are urgently needed to address the immediate needs. All items listed here can be purchased through our Amazon registry.
2. Donate to Our Organization
2024 marks CARHA's 26th year in service to the people of Haiti. Learn more about our organization and ministry work on our site or email us at
3. Mobilize Volunteers
CARHA is looking to partner with skilled volunteers, including medical professionals, engineers, and logistics experts, that can play a vital role in coordinating support in the US or aid on the ground in Haiti. Volunteer efforts have been crucial in maximizing the impact of our organization.
4. Advocate for International Support
This is not only a political crisis but a humanitarian one.

Governments and international organizations must prioritize Haiti's humanitarian needs and provide robust support to aid organizations working on the ground. Advocate for increased funding, resources, and diplomatic efforts to address the crisis comprehensively. Our biggest question is how, as a country that doesn’t manufacture weapons, has come to have semi automatic rifles? Guns are being shipped from the US and abroad and allowed to pass through the borders of the Dominican Republic. The same border where they are dropping Haitian refugees off by the truckload four times a day.
We don’t need anymore discussions but action to stop the flow of guns and restore actual democratic order.

CARHA is committed to supporting relief efforts in Haiti and invites partners, donors, and volunteers to join us in making a difference. Together, we can provide hope and assistance to the people of Haiti during this challenging time.


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