Medical Mission Trips

There is such a shortage of healthcare providers in Haiti that a single Haitian doctor sees an average of 16,000 patients per year!

Specialists such as Orthopedists, Urologists, Plastic Surgeons and Ophthalmologists are extremely rare in Haiti. Partnerships with visiting specialists are immediately available through local hospitals and clinics.  Learn More about our medical team trips below to connect with a team as a visiting doctor, nurse or healthcare professional.

Interested in joining a medical team mission trip?

Here's What You Can Expect!

CARHA Guest House Stay

Enjoy comfortable accommodations at our Gonaïves campus. Includes meals, transportation and of course, air-conditioning!

Professional Collaboration 

 Partner with CARHA clinics and local healthcare professionals to provide sustainable solutions and workshops sessions to build the healthcare capacity within the community. 

Medical Clinic Support

Distribution of medical supplies, equipment, and medications to our clinics to address shortages and improve patient care.

Community Engagement 

Opportunities to host health fairs and school visits to interact, support, and have tangible impact with  the local communities beyond clinical settings.

Recreational & Cultural Activities

Unwind, relax, and experience the natural beauty of Haiti through a choice of activities including tours of local landmarks or historical sites, beach/pool outings, or visits to local markets and shops.

Logistics & Travel Support

 Comprehensive support and information to simplify travel arrangements, in-country protocols and allow our partners and volunteers to focus on using their gift to be a blessing!

Medical Mission Trip  Signup Form

If you'd like to find out more about medical missions trips,
donate medical supplies, or join a medical team, fill out the form below!

Can't join us in Haiti?

There's still ways you can serve! 

Make a Donation or 
Become a Medical Ministry Sponsor!

100% of your medical care donation  goes directly to CARHA clinics, clinic staff salaries, medical supplies, equipment, and ministry operation costs.

Purchase medical supplies via our Amazon wishlist!

Your gift will go directly to our HQ in Port Saint Lucie, FL and will be on the next container to Haiti! 

Are you an organization looking to donate supplies? 

See our medical care necessities list below!
Oral Rehydration Liquids/Mixes
Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
Naproxen/Ibuprofen (Aleve/Advil)
Omeprazole (Prilosec)
Hemorrhoid cremes/wipes/suppositories
Multi-Vitamins (adult and pediatric)
Diclofenac IV
Mannitol 20% (diuretic prescription)
Hydrogel (skin repair)
Wound Care & Sanitary Supplies
Bandages (all sizes and shapes)
First Aid Kits (multiple items in a kit)
Sterile bandages/towels
Antibacterial hand soap
Rigid cervical collars
Minor surgery trays (complete suture kits and just the sutures themselves)
Splints (all sizes; portable and flexible)
Furniture & Clinic Supplies