Our Story

How it all started...

Pastor Djumy was born and raised in the village of Bayonnais - a remote village in the mountainous region of Artibonite, Haiti. As a child, Ps. Djumy had a Christian sponsor who provided financial help to his family.
 Little did the sponsor know how God was going to move in Djumy's life!

Ps. Djumy was able to attend school and graduate from Haiti's University of Law. At the age of 24, Djumy gave up his plan to be a lawyer and sought a Ministerial Science degree from Port Au Prince Christian College. Immediately after finishing his Bible degree in Haiti, Djumy came to the US to earn his Bachelor's degree in Christian Education from Mid South Christian College in Memphis, TN.

In 1998, during his time as a Bible college student, Ps. Djumy hired 2 teachers to start teaching a class of 32 students in St. Martin, Haiti — CARHA's first campus!

"After graduating from bible college, I realized the greatest difficulty with sharing the Bible with people in Haiti was illiteracy. Today, we have about 1000 students [pre-school through high school] who are given a Christian education at all four schools across our four campuses. 

I thank God for that and our CARHA family for their years of support!
With your continued partnership, we can build a better future for Haiti's next generation!

Expanding the vision...

Our vision for Haiti is bold, but we have a God who can move mountains. Whether its through prayer, volunteering or financial support - become a part of the CARHA family!

 Learn more about our vision, ministries, and how to become a partner with God's people in Haiti.

Where we are headed...

At CARHA, Evangelism is our first pillar because nothing can be done without putting God and His church first.

One of our newest churches, planted only 3 years ago in the remote village of Bayonnais, is already overflowing every Sunday with souls hungry for the Hope of God’s good news!
Our goal is to grow our evangelism ministry and expand our church building to welcome our growing congregation of brothers and sisters in Christ.

Be a part of our story...

We would love to partner with churches and organizations across the US to help meet this need as we continue to grow the gathering and create space for God to move in the hearts and minds of the Haitian people.