Our Pastors 

Take a moment to meet our pastors and find out how
you can be a blessing to them and the communities they serve!

Ps. Antoosly Saintilus

Director of Operations & Grace Orphanage, Head Pastor of Bayonnais Campus Church
A member of the CARHA family since 2013.
Not only does Ps. Antoosly serve as the resident pastor at our Bayonnais Campus Church, he is also the director of operations for our Gonaïves Campus (HQ) and Grace Orphanage where he's looked to as a father figure to the future leaders. His wife Bergeline is a nursing student who plans to work at our St. Martin Medical Clinic once she graduates. She also supports Ps. Antoosly with the operations of Grace Orphanage.

Ps. Roger Septembre

Director of Ministries, St. Martin Campus
Ps Roger has served tirelessly for the CARHA family since its origin in1998. He's the resident pastor of CARHA's first church in St. Martin as well as our Mango Tree Church in Gonaïves.  He's also a teacher at Karley Pope Christian Academy at the St. Martin Campus.
Fun fact: He's actually Ps. Djumy Septembre, CARHA's founder, cousin!

Ps. Montas Renel

Director of Ministries, Passe-Reine Campus 
As a member of the CARHA family since 2001 Pastor Renel serves as lead pastor at CARHA's Passe-reine Church. He is also a teacher at our Passe-reine campus Chrisitan Academy. His wife Inive serves faitihfully along side him and has raised several children in the Passe-reine village who've lost their parents. 

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