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C.A.R.H.A. ministry is to provides education to Haitian children. In Haiti 85 percent of grade schools are private and 15 percent are public. 33 percent of school age children attend school and 20 percent drop out because their parents cannot
afford the tuition. Educating children today is to prepare future leaders for the churches and for the country.

Your generous support of $30 a month will provide a Haitian child with an Education and a hot meal a day. If you are interested in sponsoring a child you may reach us @ 772-882-1125 or CLICK HERE.




Another purpose of C.A.R.H.A. is to promote fellowship with Christian people everywhere in the world as well as seeking to convert non-Christians. We have five churches in five different locations. Saint Martin, Mountain of bayonnais, Passe- reine , Douin and Terre- neuve. In our children’s church, located approximately 20 kilometers from the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, the children have been instrumental in bringing their parents to Christ. The church consists of approximately 300 children and 150 adults. Our two churches In the city of Gonaives are averaging seven baptisms monthly which are currently seeking a suitable building in which to worship.The poverty rate is extremely high in Haiti; churches oftendo not have the funds to buy necessary items, such as Bibles, hymnals, or communion trays, much less a building.

There is a great need to build new churches and expand or repair existing churches so God’s kingdom can grow in Haiti. C.A.R.H.A. has a leadership training team consisting of
twenty pastors and forty-five elders. We provide ongoing training opportunities for those wishingto take an active role by traveling to Haiti to help train our leaders to provide better spiritual leadership.



C.A.R.H.A. currently has a hospital project for the community of St. Martin Docine. A single Haitian doctor has an average of 16,000 patients. In Haiti the majority of children suffer malnutrition, men as well as women died of diabetes and high blood pressure complications the HIV virus is rampant. The health system is totally absent in Haiti. It is C.A.R.H.A.'s vision to help alleviate those problems and prevent those awful diseases.

C.A.R.H.A. owns a piece of land to build a hospital. Your prayers and financial support are greatly needed to make this project a reality. Remember whoever gives to the poor lends to the Lord.

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